World Corporation

Real Investment Company

Investments start at 1$ only

Earn 150% profit per share

Invest in the most profitable industries
in the world from just 1$

World Corporation will invest in the most profitable markets in the world like HYIP, biotechnologies,
real estates, stocks markets, currencies, video games, robotics, internet, etc.


World Corporation share with members 50% of all profits generated by our portfolio with daily/weekly/monthly/yearly dividend

Our Projects

All our projects are setup to be profitable for you and for us, we have created many projects in various markets with the great idea to create wealth for everyone.

Business model

For each shares sold 0.10$ for the referral program, 0.10$ for World Corporation fees, 0.80$ invested in our portfolio.

Withdraw your profits from 1$ only

World Corporation doesn't apply any restriction about withdrawals, you can
withdrawal more than one time per day, no paid membership required or anything like that.


With more than 50 innovative projects ready for be publish we can guaranteed a great success to all our members and all our customers


Our platform is a custom script not used by any other company in the world, we have developped a valuable script and a great design for your comfort.


World Corporation own a professional team who have many years experiences in financial markets and asset management.